Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Bush Hut by William

Making a Hut
During the holidays I went to build some bush huts with Ben and Tom from Church.  I built some bush huts with sticks and flax in the bush.
When we finished we went to the beach and we had fish and chips and an orange juice, then we went back to church.  After church we went home and me and Matthew played with the cars.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Soccer Practice by Dillion

l am in the Angels Soccer team. We are good players and can kick well and defend. On Thursday the 19th of June. We are all going on the bus to the Trust Stadium at Henderson to compete with other teams. I hope we win all our games.

Today We played Soccer and I kicked the ball into the goal.
I chased it because it rolled to another team. We had to play on
another court because someone was using our one but it was
still lots of fun.  I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow as that means
we won’t be able to practice soccer.  Only 3 more sleeps
until the Soccer Games and I can’t wait.