Thursday, 21 September 2017

Turning Bush Into Butter By William

Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 11.06.56.png

It was an informal photograph.

The photo on the page 9 was much more formal. It was also taken when new technology made it easier to photograph what went on in the world outside the studio.
I can see the cows, the cat and the dogs in this picture.
Mother is milking  the cows.
The nationality of this family is Maori.
The photographer is Edward George Child.

The native bush were being destroyed and fire was a quicker way of  getting  rid of native bushes.

The 2 stories this photograph show,that  the hard work that went into making and running a farm – but also the impact of that hard work on our forests.

The sight of the background was so common in the 1890s.


Joel said...

Kia Oua William,
I really like the work that you have done in the English Rotation.
Well done keep it up!

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