Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A Rare Koala Bear by Braydon

Koala, a bear,  from a zoo in Australia is   the main  character in this news article. This  is a rare white koala and  it been born in  Queensland zoo.    
She is not albino. Keepers at the zoo say her fur is due to a recessive gene inherited from her mother.
It has not named yet. But  the zookeepers  have got some names like Pearl, Sugar, Lily, Snow White and Baringa.
This event  took place on 24 in August 2017.

Koala, Bear - Free images on Pixabay


Shyama said...

Hi Braydon,
very ingesting news. Do you like to read more about animals?


Joel said...

Kia Oua Braydon,
I like your news artical review well done.
Keep up the good work.
From Joel.

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