Monday, 3 April 2017

What I did at Swimming -By William

On Tuesday we went swimming at the Lagoon Pool and Leisure Center at Panmure. It was a nice, sunny day. My favorite sport unquestionably is swimming. My friends, Braydon, Kate, Angus, and I, had a race across the swimming pool and I won! It was really exciting and so much fun! In the pool we tried different strokes like back stroke, Butterfly and so on. I cant wait to go there again.


Matthew said...

Hi William
Good on you I like swimming too. I can swim under water very well.
keep it up!!!

Andrew Chong said...

Hi Edgewater 2,

I did enjoyed the photo of Kate, Angus, Braydon, William and Geara at Panmure Lagoon Pool.

How many weeks did you guys swimming at Panmure Lagoon Pool.

From Andrew

Natasha said...

Hi William you looks like you are having fun in the pool. Well done on winning the race.

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