Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Getting an iPhone By Braydon

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Mum and I had a talk about getting  an iPhone. I can't wait! I could then download my favorite apps. like Spotify and YouTube. I will then be able to listen to my favorite  music, play games, and text my friends. I wish to get one soon!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My School Holiday By Angus

On my school holiday I went shopping with my sister.We went to 3 shops. We bought some shoes, socks, a jacket and jeans. I ate McDonald's with a fanta.

Friday, 19 May 2017

My Lovely Weekend

On Friday after school I went to respite.I played with Shanann and Kendyl at the playground beside Llord Elasmore. We had an frozen coke and a buger and chips for lunch. I took photos with shanann at Oasis beside KFC. I had a fun time with my friend shanann.         

Mother day

       I went to Burger king with my family .     I ate chips  and had coke to drink we went to the restutat to eat . Then we went home . I relaxed and watched a movie called of piglet /s Big movie    on the   Tv    screen .        We had eggs and bacon and baked beans.  we went to breakfast at house

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mother's day lunch By William

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Howick was busy with lots of people because it was Mother's Day. Our family decided to go out for lunch at a nice cafe. It took a long time to order our food. We gave mum a card, some flowers and a box of chocolates. She loved them.I had an exciting day. Mum was very happy. She loved her Mother's day lunch. It was a brilliant afternoon.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

In the Holidays

What a surprise I got when Michelle delighted me by taking me to Candyland in Hamilton. Wow!  I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw lovely yummy candy and chocolate which made my mouth water. They were so delicious I didn't  know which ones to choose because I was only allowed 3.  I selected banana, blueberry and jelly. I had a beautiful time there.   

My busy but fun weekend

My busy but fun weekend

On Saturday I went to the Barber shop in Glen Inns to get my hair cut. I really liked my new haircut. On Monday Sharnel said that my hair cut was cool. After my hair cut I went home and I watched the movie called The BFG and Moana movie. My favorite part was where she was saving her Mum and Dad.

By Rapture

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Music band of four little kids

I got  the surprise of my life when Mum and Sunny informed me  that I was allowed to attend Star Jam. Star Jam is a place for Special Needs kids to perform in front of other people. I hope that I enjoy singing and dancing as these are my favourite interests.

By Braydon    

New Home Phone By Rapture

In the holidays Mum woke one morning and said we need to get a new home phone. Because our old one was broken. That afternoon we went to Sylvia Park Mall. Mum bought a lovely shiny black phone. We can hear people when they call us which is great.  

school holidays

Mum was very busy during the school holidays. I thought it would be nice to help her. We woke up early and I helped her to take the stock to the van. We packed the van and went to the sites. Mum was delighted that I helped her.

My day out with my family


I went to the movies with my family in the holidays. The movie was called "The smurfs". It was a funny movie and made me laugh . After that we went to Howick  for shopping . It was a lovely sunny day Later on we went to subway for dinner. I had an amazing day with my family. 

Fun in the Countryside

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 What a brilliant day to spend in the countryside. I observed many families enjoying the amazing time outdoors. The playground was very busy. We enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine then we drove to the amazing Waitomo Caves and looked at the wonderful, sparkling glow worms all around us in the caves. The glow worms made delightful patterns on the walls, which I loved. What a brilliant experience I had that day. I will remember it forever.