Friday, 21 November 2014

Interact Festival

On Friday the 24th of October, 2014 Sommerville Students went on the bus  to the Interact Festival at Corban's Estate in Henderson. When we got there we had morning tea and after that we went into Shed 2 to do some art and I made a badge which said I "love mum". I had my face painted, as Spider-Man.  I made a cardboard crown and had my photo taken then I made a frame for my photo. I listened to the music and I did  some belly dancing on the stage with lost of other pea. In Shed 1 we had lunch and I got a Goody bag with some treats in it. Then We all went back on the bus to school.
My best part of the day was the belly dancing what a fantastic day it was. by Conor

On Friday some Sommerville students went on the bus to The Interact
Festival in Henderson. We had morning tea and went to shed 2 to colour in and to do some other fun activities.  We listened to music and went on stage and did a belly dance in shed I and then had some lunch.  We went back to school soon after. by William

SPEC Evening by William and Conor

Last night I went with my family to the Spec Evening at Tamaki Intermediate.  I saw some of my friends from Sommerville which was nice. I sat with our class. We all walked to the front of the hall and got a certificate from Diane. Melvin's class performed the raining day song up on the stage.  Melvin played the guitar and fire came out of it. We saw some of our movies as well. Afterwards we had supper and I enjoyed eating Room Two's egg sandwiches. My favourite part of the Spec Evening was receiving a certificate. by William 

Last night me and my famly went to the Spec Evening in the hall. The Students, parents and teachers sat down on the chairs and I sat with my class. The Spec night was at Tamaki Intermeditate. When I was there  my teacher Geara and Bev told our class to sit down in our seats.  We did the Karkia before we watch the Moives thare where a few Movies. After that we all got our certificates and  I got mine and it said Spec Thinking Awarded to Conor Weston for demonstrating the key competency of thinking and completeing the tasks in the "T" for thinking module. I saw lots of Linders art from her art class. Tamaki 2 showed us all a dance and the song was it's raining men.  Melvin played the guitar it was on fire.
Then we had some Supper
I had a cup of tea, strawberrys, our egg sand witches and some chips. They were yum
The best bit of the day was when I got my Awarded, and when the  guitar was on fire and our Supper by Conor

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ana Goes to the Movies by Ana

When I went to Hoyts Cinema to watch the movies I met up with lots of my old friends from Sylvia Park School . I really enjoyed Sylvia Park Junior’s movie about celebrating birthdays. They had parties and their family came along too.  I felt happy.

I don't like...I like ...

I do not like eggs because they might be rotten.  

I do not like running because my legs get sore.

I do not like alligators because they hide under the bridge at Auckland zoo.

My favourite colour is pink not orange. My favourite T.V programme is Sky Sport not FIFI World Cup. My favourite fruit is apple not pineapple. My favourite place is home not a shopping mall.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Halloween Night by Marciano

On Friday the 31st of October there was a Halloween Party at a Church near our house. Mum, Umi and I got there by walking down to Mt Wellington. While I was waiting for some candy I saw my friends from Sylvia Park.  There was a rock climbing wall there. I had some chips and sausages with tomato sauce on top and it tasted delicious. I crawled up the giant rock on the wall by wearing the helmet, shoulder pads, and some knee pads. After I got to the top of that wall and I got down I won some lollies then I said out loud " The Dragon Warrior is here to join theTeam Avatar”!!!. It was the most amazing party ever.

Sick Weekend

In the weekend all my family and I were ill. We all had a bad stomach bug. My whole family was feeling very ill. We stayed at home all weekend. What a "disaster zone". It started on Friday and it finished on Monday. But Mum and Dad are still ill. Everyone else is better.
I hope the bug does not come back to our family again.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sneaky - Manaiakalani Film Festival

As a class we decided to make music boxes using cutlery as our instruments.  However, we didn't have enough of our own and went hunting around our school.  This movie shows the process we used .......  Sneaky Sneaky !!!!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Making Music Boxes by Shanann

Last Term I learnt how to hang cutlery on our music boxes from Michelle. In the afternoon, room 1 and room 3 all came to watch us play music boxes outside our classroom.

Our Music Boxes By Troy

We made our music band outside of our class room. We chose our own boxes to play our music. We tied our spoons, knifes & forks into our boxes and then we hit them with other pieces of cutlery to hear the sound that they made.  We tried to play the digeridoos but they were hard to play.  We had fun.

Disney Junior by Christopher

On the weekend I watched Disney Junior and I liked the Mickey Mouse Club the best. I saw Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto. Pluto was playing with a bouncy ball.
It bounced really high. I was very happy because it was fun.