Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sneaky - Manaiakalani Film Festival

As a class we decided to make music boxes using cutlery as our instruments.  However, we didn't have enough of our own and went hunting around our school.  This movie shows the process we used .......  Sneaky Sneaky !!!!


Matthew P said...

I think it was cool, I loved your musical instruments, I would've never been able to make that myself. Great Job!
For Matthew at Stonefields School

Rona said...

helo i think it was cool as so you video is about sneaky snek sneking!!!!

Natasha said...

Hi I liked your sneaking in the movie. The music boxes that you made were so cool. What a great job you did on making the movie.
Natasha, Edgewater 3

Vikki said...

Hi Edgewater 2, I liked when you sneaked to our class. That was cool and funny.

Wyatt P said...

Hey Edgewater 2,

Great movie about sneaking, its really cool how you guys can sneak around the school without anyone knowing!

Keep it up Edgewater 2!

Hannah said...

Hey Sneaky sneak sneakers!

What an awesome movie you have created! You guys are really good at sneacking! I hope I see more movies from you sneackers. Keep the awesome work up!

Love HannahT.

Tanuki said...

Hi, Your movie was really cool and funny.It was 100% awesome. I liked how you sneaked everything you needed into box so you could use it to make your instrument,when you used fast motion it made your movie much more effective and interesting. I wonder if you can make a song with that instrument?

Guinevere said...

Kia ora Edgewater, it was amazing how you were sneaking around when nobody saw you. I enjoyed the sneaky peeky song a lot, it matched the movie. You also have a catchy title that suits the movie well.

Mary-Ruth said...

Kia ora Edgewater 2, I enjoyed watching you sneaking and grabbing the forks and spoons. It was humorous and cracked me up! How wonderful your film was. The music was brilliant because it matched the theme of your film.

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