Friday, 21 November 2014

SPEC Evening by William and Conor

Last night I went with my family to the Spec Evening at Tamaki Intermediate.  I saw some of my friends from Sommerville which was nice. I sat with our class. We all walked to the front of the hall and got a certificate from Diane. Melvin's class performed the raining day song up on the stage.  Melvin played the guitar and fire came out of it. We saw some of our movies as well. Afterwards we had supper and I enjoyed eating Room Two's egg sandwiches. My favourite part of the Spec Evening was receiving a certificate. by William 

Last night me and my famly went to the Spec Evening in the hall. The Students, parents and teachers sat down on the chairs and I sat with my class. The Spec night was at Tamaki Intermeditate. When I was there  my teacher Geara and Bev told our class to sit down in our seats.  We did the Karkia before we watch the Moives thare where a few Movies. After that we all got our certificates and  I got mine and it said Spec Thinking Awarded to Conor Weston for demonstrating the key competency of thinking and completeing the tasks in the "T" for thinking module. I saw lots of Linders art from her art class. Tamaki 2 showed us all a dance and the song was it's raining men.  Melvin played the guitar it was on fire.
Then we had some Supper
I had a cup of tea, strawberrys, our egg sand witches and some chips. They were yum
The best bit of the day was when I got my Awarded, and when the  guitar was on fire and our Supper by Conor


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