Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Little Bit Frozen

On Thursday we had Mcdonalds at Sue’s house then Dad picked us up and took us to a camp house.  
When we got there we unpacked our bags for Friday.
On Friday we did art and made snow globes and frozen art which was fun.
We had Nachos for dinner and I had lots of cheese on mine.
On Saturday  morning we had a game called Break The Treasure.
For dinner we had cheese and chips with a frozen lemonade.
On Sunday we had a snow day where we made a snowman and we had a snowball fight.
At night time we watched a movie called Frozen but first we played   boom-a-trail which is like a maze in the woods where you walk through a trail..
For dinner we had pizza hut and I had a meat lovers one which I liked a lot.
On Monday morning we had prize giving I won some sweets and a        
certificate.  Sue picked us up from the camp.  It was such fun, I really enjoyed it.
Sue’s dad picked us up and got us a  Georgie Pie. He took us to Kate’s  house where my dad picked me up and took me home for dinner.


Sandra Muthoo said...

What an exciting weekend you had....but who are you?

Geara said...

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it.
I wrote this story.

Conor Edgewater R2

Joseph said...

thank you fkozen

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