Thursday, 7 May 2015

Holiday with JMR by Conor

On Monday me and Ben went to Waihi with JMR.  We drove to McDonalds to have dinner and I ordered a Hunger buster with extra chips. When we got there we  unpacked our bags.

On Tuesday we went surfing on the beach and Ben was fantastic I was OK but when I tried to stand up I fell over and blistered my toe, but I got a cup of tea for trying. Wahoo! On Wednesday we went to the Kiwi Valley 360. We all went on a bus shaped like a Kiwi fruit we tried fresh apples yum and we got to take feijoas home with us Yay!

On Wednesday we went to The Gold discovery Center I watched a movie about the miners.

On Thursday we packed  our bugs.

On Friday we got ready for the trip back we stopped for shopping I got a pen some lip barm and a word search book.

I felt happy what a fun holiday Yay.


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