Friday, 5 June 2015

Horse Riding by Gregory

Every Thursday Mum picks me up from school and takes me to RDA (Riding for the Disabled). RDA is on a farm near Manukau. There are two horses Hershey and Toby but I like riding Toby because he is a friendly horse. Mum helps me use the mounting block to get on to Toby’s back. Sometimes Maru helps too. I ride Toby along a track and then I ride back again. I brought a photo to school of me riding Toby. I am holding on to the reigns and I am wearing a helmet keep me safe in case I fall off.I really like going to RDA. It is fun.


Miss Reynolds (Star of the Sea School) said...

Hi Gregory! Glad to see you are still enjoying your horse riding! I still remember when we used to discuss cats and tectonic plates together at Star of the Sea School. You are so grown up now!
Miss Reynolds

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